1. Why you should be involved:

If you desire a return to a time when Denver and its respective communities stood in solidarity with each other in unity to confront oppression and racism while creating a positive direction and future for each other, then you should attend.
If you support or care about Indigenous issues, you should plan on attending.

·         The Knights of Columbus (K.O.C) proudly takes its name from the thieves, murderers and rapists that began a history of genocide and oppression for your people!  They have refused to change their name after being requested to do so by the Catholic Church’s Social Justice Advisory Committee.

·         K.O.C. maintains a million dollar museum that provides false information about Columbus and his exploits to the public.

·         The K.O.C. petitioned the U.S. government in order to create the controversial Columbus Day Holiday that has originated in Denver Colorado and has been the focal point of protest by its Indigenous community for years.

·         K.O.C. funds efforts to maintain Puerto Rico as a U.S. colonial possession due to its “holy ground” that Columbus walked upon.

·         K.O.C. has published thousands of literary efforts to re-tell U.S. history to support the conquest of its Indigenous population.


If you identify yourself, support or care about GLBTQ community members and issues, you should plan on attending as this organization spends millions of dollars nation-wide to promote laws and public policies that deny you your rights!

·         K.O.C. has spent millions of dollars nation-wide to prevent civil unions and Gay marriage such as, but not limited to, the $1.8 million spent on California’s Prop. 8 (a greater amount then the largely protested Mormon Church), in addition to millions spent to prevent GLBTQ members from having the right to adopt a child or serve in the military.

·         K.O.C. supports a law banning public school teachers from mentioning homosexuality in health education discussions.

·         K.O.C. was an opponent of Colorado’s recently defeated Civil Union Bill 172.

If you believe in comprehensive health care reform, you should plan on attending, as this organization fought hard to oppose health care reform!

·         K.O.C. has substantial funds invested in subsidiaries in the Healthcare industry.  They opposed single payer healthcare reform and lobbied to create a corporate beneficial healthcare bill that would not include funding for reproductive rights.

If you oppose Zionist ideology, you should plan on attending!

·         K.O.C.’s own Catechism (statement of beliefs) supports a Zionist ideology that promotes Palestine as a holy land reserved for Israel.

·         K.O.C. has promoted Palestinian resistance to colonialism as terrorism, going so far as to falsely connect Palestine with the 9/11 attacks.

·         K.O.C. funds a Catholic seminary in Israel in order to maintain a presence in the “holy land” in response to an “infidel” presence maintaining, thus perpetuating an ancient crusade mentality.

If you support or care about women’s rights, you should plan on attending.

·         K.O.C. is an ALL MALE organization that spends millions of dollars nation-wide to restrict women’s rights and feminist ideology!

·         K.O.C. is the nation’s leader in spending to prevent access to reproductive rights.

·         K.O.C. was a leading advocate to strip Planned Parenthood of funding needed to provide women’s healthcare procedures for the community.

·         K.O.C. leads the effort to force females to undergo unnecessary medical procedures such as ultrasounds prior to being permitted to consider a termination of their pregnancy. 


If you believe in a separation of church and state and freedom of religion, you should plan on attending.

·         K.O.C desires a government under one God, a Christian God only!

·         K.O.C. successfully petitioned the U.S. government in the 1950’s to include “one nation under God” in its pledge of allegiance.

If you don’t want the country to be continually pushed to the right by big money and corporate interest, you should plan on attending as K.O.C. is a corporation that makes billions of dollars a year, spends millions of dollars to change and implement laws that affect you directly and avoids paying taxes by hiding their profits in false charities!

·         K.O.C. maintains $17 billion dollars in assets.

·         K.O.C.’s CEO makes three times as much as that of the CEO of the nation’s largest charitable organization, the American Red Cross.

·         K.O.C. in comparison to another similar sized “Christian charity” named World View, donates approximately 8% of their yearly earnings to charitable functions compared to World Views 89%. (This is a similar comparison to other charities as well)

·         K.O.C.’s CEO makes a base salary larger than that of Wal-Mart’s (the country’s largest corporation) CEO. 

The list goes on and on, that is why a full and diverse community response is necessary and your direct participation in the organizing and planning is essential.


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